Silatech Creates 1-Million Jobs for Young Men and Women in the MENA Region

According to the latest figures from the World Bank youth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is estimated at 30%, making it the highest in the world. Several of the economies in the region have been decimated by factors such as war, corruption, and extremism.

Silatech has been working diligently since 2008 to defy that. The organization works to create jobs and expand entrepreneurial opportunities for young Arabs via access to capital and resources. Silatech advocates for and promotes the engagement of young people in economic and social development within 17 Arab countries.

The organization recently hit a significant milestone passing over 1-million jobs created for young Arabs within the countries they help to serve. Additionally, they have raised over $377 million in partner co-funding, ensuring that successful programs will be continued and new ones created.

Siltatech’s employment unit has worked across the region to support youth placement into jobs by creating new and innovative ways to link job seekers in the region to employment opportunities. They also support youth by providing them with the specific job skills that employers in their countries are seeking. Then, they work with companies to enhance their youth hiring practices.

Silatech has also leveraged innovative technology platforms to help make the process of connecting youth to employment opportunities easier and more efficient. Silatech teamed with Microsoft in 2012 to launch, the region’s first employability portal that helps young job seekers find the support they need to successfully transition into a career that will provide them with sustainable income. The portal is available in 8 countries in Arabic, English, and French, and offers online access to career guidance, soft-skills, and e-learning. Young people can even use it to find jobs, internships opportunities, and entrepreneurship training. The unique partnership relies on local partners in the communities to provide their specialized content and direct services to young job seekers.

By reducing the problem of unemployment in this volatile area, Silatech is gradually becoming a highly sought-after social organization in the region towards uplifting the living standards of the families struck by conflicts, wars, terrorism, corruption, poverty and more.

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