Woman Killed By Elephant At Australian Zoo

A woman in Sydney Australia was attacked and killed by a pygmy elephant. The woman’s name was Jenna Donley. She was 25 years old and worked in a remote wildlife park. The mauling took place yesterday.

Jenna was walking on a trail that was not on the main path with a guide and a friend when she was attacked and gored to death by the elephant. Officials believe that the elephant may have been alarmed when a picture was taken.

This is a very unusual event because elephants are not known to attack and kill people. Jenna’s mother said that her daughter respected animals and felt that this was an unfortunate and tragic event.

According to her mother, Jenna loved animals and volunteered to help animals that have been injured. Jenna had completed her studies and was going to graduate next week.

The police are investigating the mauling. At this time, Jenna’s family does not wish to speak any further about their daughter’s death.