The Woman that Sidney Forgot for 8 Years

A little old lady by the name of Natalie Wood lived a reclusive lifestyle. She didn’t interact with people in her home which was little more than a stone’s throw from the bustling downtown of this major metropolis. That may help explain why when she suddenly passed away, she was never missed. In fact, it wasn’t until city police paid the home a visit back in 2011 that she was discovered lying on the floor of her home. She’d been there for 8 long years and all that remained of her were her bones.

The house itself was overrun by spiders and cobwebs. There was extensive water damage and a backyard tree had overgrown so that its branches had penetrated the top room. Even with the damage, the home is believed to be worth $1 million dollars. (It’s all about location.) Wood had no refrigerator or television and no surviving siblings.

Enid Davis, her sister-in-law, says that the two fell out of touch when her husband began to suffer dementia. He passed away in 2009. Now, Davis and four distant cousins are lined up to claim a piece of the estate. Wood left no will. She is truly the woman that Sydney forgot.