Comedy genre turning out to be an uninviting genre for Hollywood

Comedy flicks are turning an uninviting genre for the Tinsel Town.

Traditional comedy flicks have been struggling hard as they got trapped between superhero series.

2017’s most fruitful adult comedy flick, Girls Trip, raked in $158 million ($US117 million) in US and Canada. It wasn’t an anomaly. The top five adult comedies earned $190 million ($US141 million) in the year 2013, $147 million ($US109 million) in the year 2015 and only $144 million ($US85 million) in 2017.

When we talk about the existing year, 2018, the major live-action comedy flick has been Game Night, which made only $69 million. Melissa McCarthy’s Life of the Party raked in $70 million ($US52 million), and this was also named Melissa’s lowest-grossing comedy flick in her history.

Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty concluded the BO run with $66 million ($US49 million), Action Point made only$6.75 million ($US5 million), as against $158 million ($US117 million) for Jackass 3-D in the year 2010.

The adult dramas started recording meager BO numbers during the early 2010s. The majority of people in the Tinsel Town established the cause behind the low response was the flourishing high-quality drama series such as Breaking Bad and House of Cards on cable TVs and web platforms.

But several people believed that comedy and horror were immune to small-screen rivalry. As signaled by April’s $251 million ($US186 million) hit A Quiet Place, a lot of people still favor to be frightened in a shadowy theatre crammed with people.

With comedy specials on the web platform like Netflix, pranksters on the popular channel YouTube and animated GIFs on social media, watchers can enjoy much more on any digital method.

Megan Colligan, a consultant and veteran studio marketing executive, stated, “The biggest movies now are sucking up so many genres, including comedy, that after you see one you no longer need to go see something different to get your comedy itch scratched.”

A number well known comedy stars are currently making direct-to-streaming movies for Netflix.

Just five years back, things were completely diverse. In the year 2013, McCarthy and Sandra Bullock’s The Heat and We’re the Millers each made over $200 million ($US150 million) in the US. Another flick with McCarthy, Identity Thief, earned $158 million ($135 million).