Three killed in earthquake in Japan and 80 flights canceled

Tokyo, INTERNATIONAL : Three people died in Japan’s second largest metropolitan Osaka earthquake on Monday morning. 6.1 The earthquake of intensity has also injured nearly 300 people. Osaka has to host the conference of G-20 countries next year.

Prime Minister Shinzo AB said, “The concerned officers are detecting the damage caused by earthquake. The priority of the government is to ensure the safety of the citizens. ‘ The earthquake shock was felt around eight o’clock in the morning when most people were leaving for office.

Due to the earthquake, many walls fell and water pipelines exploded.Production in several factories completely stalled. Millions of people are forced to stay in the dark due to power failure. About 80 flights were canceled. The operation of train and bullet train is also interrupted.

Japan is in sensitive areas of earthquake. In the country in March 2011, after the 9.0 intensity earthquake, 18 thousand people died in the tsunami that occurred. The nuclear power plant in Fukushima also came under its grip.