A masked man storms in a general store with a knife and pole, Takes around $800 and escapes

A conceal man has raged an Adelaide shop equipped with a blade and a wooden post. The man had a knife and also a wooden pole with him to threaten the shopkeeper.

CCTV demonstrates the wrongdoer utilizing the weapons to undermine a lady who was working alone in the Top Shopz at Andrews Farm, before taking around $800 and escaping.

The man flees with around $800 by threating the lady shopkeeper who was alone and was really very scared. The CCTV has captured every detail of this incident.

Police said they were called to the scene on President Avenue around 7pm yesterday, however were not able discover the guilty party, or an accessory who was seen holding up outside the store at the time.

Man, who works in a shop adjacent said the lady wasn’t harmed in the occurrence, however was damaged.

“She was shaking and she was crying,” the man said.

The lady was shaking in threat and fear

“It happened in front of us… and no-one could do anything about it. They just walked out and nothing happened to them.”

Police said the men were wearing dull garments and balaclavas and were most recently seen running from the store.

A scan for the suspects, with the help of Police Dog Jax, has so far been unsuccessful.

Police have been talking with occupants on adjacent roads and endeavouring to discover CCTV of the men running off.

One inhabitant said she was stunned to get a thump on the entryway from officers at 11pm.

“Our children go to the school down the end of the street so it’s a bit concerning that we’ve got people like that in this area,” she said.

Diane Robinson  is the lead editor for News Australia Today. Diane  has been working as a freelance journalist for nearly a decade having published stories in many print and digital publications including, Sydney Morning Herald,  NPR and The Daily Mail. Diane is based in Sidney and covers issues affecting her city and  New South Wales.  When she’s not busy writing, Diane enjoys surfing..